Which to fed to your Dog: Wet Food or Dry Food?

The discussion of whether dogs should be fed primarily wet food, or whether their nutrition is based on dry food, can electrify even the calmest owner of a pet.

Therefore, it is worth considering both forms of dog food.

Dry dog ​​food:

Proponents of dry dog ​​food admit that its use is, above all, very convenient. You can give it yourself, but it also works great when served by automatic dispensers.

Storage is also not a problem , and because it has a longer shelf life than wet food, it can be purchased in larger quantities.

Unfortunately, people who choose it must be aware that it must be administered with plenty of water . If we do not take care of it, our pet can become dehydrated. It is also more caloric, which may be risky for dogs prone to gaining weight.

Wet food for a dog:

Giving dogs wet food means that they have access to food not only lighter than dry food , but also less caloric. This food helps to take care of the weight of the pet and prevents dehydration problems. It is also a great solution for those dogs that struggle with digestive system problems.

Unfortunately, it is also a more expensive feeding method than traditional dry food . The animal must also eat more wet food than dry food, because water makes one portion less valuable. Cheap wet foods are particularly dangerous in this context , as they usually have less valuable ingredients, so it is not worth buying them.

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