Delicacies your Dog will Love

You surely know that in a dog’s bowl you shouldn’t find food from your plate, but rather carefully selected,  top-quality pet food.

You will also need attractive snacks from time to time to motivate or reward your pet.

See which delicacies will be most useful to you. Your dog will love them!

Your pet’s daily diet should include valuable macronutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You also need micronutrients, such as: calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, but also vitamins (A, D, E, K, or B vitamins). Animals should be fed regularly, preferably after returning from a walk, or two hours before the activity.

The frequency and amount of a dog’s meal depends on the age, health, and breed of the animal. A small breed dog simply has a smaller stomach capacity than a heavier dog. Feeding twice a day is considered the norm for a healthy adult medium or large breed dog. Snacks should make up no more than 15% of your daily food ration , so use them in moderation.

Also pay attention to the composition of the delicacies you buy. They absolutely should not contain flavor enhancers, salt or other spices. Below, we will tell you about selected groups of delicacies that your pet will love.


It’s worth taking them for a walk and using them for outdoor play. Dried “retrievers” are made of specially dried beef or poultry. Choose ones that do not contain preservatives, such as Beef Retriever. This extremely tasty product is a delicacy that will come in handy while playing retrieving. Your dog will happily complete the tasks you propose in return for a tasty reward. You can also choose from sausages as tasty as the ones in your fridge, and certainly more suitable for pets!


Cleaning a dog’s teeth and gums is a real challenge for every owner. By neglecting this activity, you risk going to the vet, and sometimes even anesthetic. To avoid this, help your pet by giving products to help get rid of plaque and tartar. A pork tail is great for this ! Inexpensive and inconspicuous, but simply loved by all dogs! It has a natural smell and taste, which is obtained in a special drying process. It is a crunchy, aromatic snack that supports the care of teeth and gums. Its shape helps to get to the interdental spaces and clean them. Any snack with increased hardness and a fibrous structure will help prevent dental problems. These are the masses . It is not easy to bite them, and long-term biting is the most pleasant way for a pooch to keep his teeth healthy. Rumen have a very distinctive flavor and smell that will appeal to even picky dogs. Below you can read why it is worth paying attention to them.


Rumen are made from the stomach walls of animals such as goats and cows. Products in this category contain a lot of protein, but most of all bacterial cultures, which perfectly affect the work of dogs intestines. By supplementing the diet with them, you make the dog stop eating grass, dirt, and even faeces during walks , which happens in the case of a too “sterile” diet. Bacterial balance in the digestive tract also helps prevent food poisoning. If your dog has recently undergone antibiotic treatment, the administration of products with bacterial cultures is even more advisable. Another advantage of the rumen is the need to chew them for a long time. The dog, while playing with this delicacy, exercises the mandibular muscles. Rumen are even suitable for puppies where the frequent need to chew is particularly clear.

We all know what a bored dog is capable of. Bitten furniture, damaged shoes, scratched door, which of us has not survived it? To keep your dog entertained, it is worthwhile to serve him a snack from time to time, and he will have to tire out a bit. They are ideal for this cube , which left small amounts of meat and gristle. Getting to them is a lot of fun for your friend, and above all, it takes him some time! Long chewing spaghetti snacks , i.e. dried animal (e.g. pork) intestines, will help you distract your dog from furniture that you would prefer to see intact. Dogs also love pork , beef , roe deer and rabbit ears , which are aromatic, crunchy but also easy to digest. Always remember that for both humans and animals, snacks are not a substitute for proper dietary habits, so don’t let them become the primary source of calories for your pet.

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