Feeding the Puppies

The first months of each dog’s life are a period of extremely rapid development of the body.

It is worth taking care of its correctness, serving our Puppy a properly adjusted diet.

Great needs
The puppy needs a lot of energy for proper development, which must be delivered to him along with food. This is influenced by two main factors.

The first is accelerated metabolism, which slows down gradually with age. The second is the typical need for young dogs to quickly explore the world, inextricably linked with constant running and fun.

Hence, the typical food for young dogs – be it Royal Canin or Happy Dog – is sufficiently caloric, providing quadruplets with a huge amount of energy.

Puppy food and his breed
Dependence of the administered food on the breed of the dog is usually not very important in itself. However, the type of variety of the young quadruped suggests to us its target size and weight.

These criteria, meanwhile, are crucial – a yorkshire terrier puppy will develop in a completely different way from a young bernardine. Staying with the aforementioned Royal Canin company, we recommend Yorkshire Terrier Junior (for yorks) and Maxi Junior (for large dogs).

General principles of nutrition
When dealing with a young dog, it is worth introducing certain rules about nutrition early and trying to maintain them.

Our Puppy should receive meals at roughly fixed times. In addition, it is necessary to avoid making sudden changes in his diet, which could disrupt the development of his body.

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