Dog Products For Summer

Summer is a very difficult time not only for people, but also for Dogs and Puppies. Dogs – especially those of large breeds – are particularly difficult to endure in the heat.

Therefore, it is worth doing everything to help your Puppies a little. Fortunately, today in well-stocked pet stores you will find a wide range of products that will make the summer for the dog not so terrible. Below we present a few of them.

Cooling Mat
It’s the best we can do for our dog for the summer. It is made to support the regulation of body temperature on hot days. It is enough for the dog to put on the mat to feel a pleasant coolness. The cooling effect lasts for several hours.

Then the mat needs a short break, after which, however, it is again suitable for use. It is worth knowing that it can be used not only at home. It is also great for construction sites as well as in the car when traveling. The advantage of the cooling mat is the ease of keeping it clean.

Cooling bone
This is a really interesting proposal of manufacturers of dog accessories. It is a great combination of toy and cooling effect on hot days. The bone is made of rubber and filled with water. It has small holes through which the water gently escapes when the dog bites the toy.

The bone can be put in the refrigerator as well as in the freezer, which enhances the subsequent cooling effect. An interesting fact is that it can be given to puppies during the period of cloning. These articles are only a small part of what can be used today to help the dog survive high temperatures.

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