How to maintain Dog’s Hygiene

Caring for a dog is not limited to giving him healthy nutrition and taking him for a walk. It must also include nursing treatments, often quite non-obvious and requiring a lot of commitment from the caregiver. They will be easier to join if the person responsible for the animal is assisted with the appropriate accessories. … Read more

Which to fed to your Dog: Wet Food or Dry Food?

The discussion of whether dogs should be fed primarily wet food, or whether their nutrition is based on dry food, can electrify even the calmest owner of a pet. Therefore, it is worth considering both forms of dog food. Dry dog ​​food: Proponents of dry dog ​​food admit that its use is, above all, very … Read more

Buy the Best Dog Bowl

The basic equipment of each dog is, of course, a bowl for food and water. Many keepers are unaware that the pet bowl should be properly selected. You shouldn’t buy the first bowl that you get your hands on. In order for the oven to eat comfortably, the bowl must first of all be the … Read more

Dog’s favorite food – Biscuits

Undoubtedly, every dog ​​owner has faced the necessity of “bribing” his four-legged friend more than once. Sometimes it is also necessary to reward your pet. In such a situation, various dog biscuits are perfect. Their selection is currently huge. Let’s see what good dog biscuits are and what the producers propose. Quality first and foremost: … Read more

Proper Balanced Dog Diet

Properly balanced dog food will be very important and will directly affect its functioning. Therefore, it is worth considering its choice and opt for products characterized by excellent quality. Among those proposals that are worth paying attention to, there is undoubtedly the happy dog ​​food , which is prepared in a healthy, balanced way with … Read more

Delicacies your Dog will Love

You surely know that in a dog’s bowl you shouldn’t find food from your plate, but rather carefully selected,  top-quality pet food. You will also need attractive snacks from time to time to motivate or reward your pet. See which delicacies will be most useful to you. Your dog will love them! Your pet’s daily diet should … Read more

Vitamins for the Dogs

Healthy and full-fledged nutrition of our Dogs is a guarantee of his well-being and long life. However, we must remember that even the best composed food based on meat does not always provide the dog with all the vitamins. When and which vitamins?Vitamins in the case of a dog positively affect the body’s defense system … Read more

Feeding the Puppies

The first months of each dog’s life are a period of extremely rapid development of the body. It is worth taking care of its correctness, serving our Puppy a properly adjusted diet. Great needsThe puppy needs a lot of energy for proper development, which must be delivered to him along with food. This is influenced … Read more

Dog Products For Summer

Summer is a very difficult time not only for people, but also for Dogs and Puppies. Dogs – especially those of large breeds – are particularly difficult to endure in the heat. Therefore, it is worth doing everything to help your Puppies a little. Fortunately, today in well-stocked pet stores you will find a wide … Read more